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In the initial discussions with potential clients, Gary Pryor will hear about the skills that are lacking in the staff. Dozens of training options exist for employees in every position. Business owners are often unaware of how affordable these classes have become. Clients want to know how Gary Pryor can improve the knowledge level of key players on the staff. Decision makers know that staff development is beneficial to the life of the entire business. Gary Pryor will make suggestions at certain points throughout the professional partnership. Employees like to learn new skills just as much as their bosses wish they would do so.

Certain business expenses are unavoidable, but Gary Pryor wants business owners to evaluate some of the others closely. Expenses that are incurred to save a few dollars in another area should be eliminated. Gary Pryor asks every client to spend some time evaluating each monthly expense. Employee-related expenses are the last ones eliminated to prevent the impacts on morale. As time passes, the profitability of the business will improve. Gary Pryor allows the business owner to make the final decisions for each cut. Some changes are obvious, but others will require some time to implement because of existing contracts and agreements.

Experienced business people learn that problem resolution is essential for success. Gary Pryor encourages every client to look for problems each day. Early identification of business issues will allow the decision makers to set healthy priorities. Gary Pryor works with clients to change their expectations that their businesses will reach a stage of perfection. Problem solving is part of the challenge of running any business, and Gary Pryor demonstrates the skills that clients want to acquire. Some problems must be addressed to prevent larger issues, but other issues should be allowed to exist to prevent unnecessary change in the system.

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