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For a financial advisor that really knows how to prepare for your financial security in Sherwood OR, call Advisor 65 at (888) 756-9448. The future is sooner than you think and we want you to be absolutely prepared as a serious investor for whatever may come. Regardless of how old you are right now, no matter what your income or goals are right this minute, it’s vital to begin a plan today. We know how to best evaluate your needs with your current income, your expected income and to also prepare for life’s bumps and insecurities. We have the tools to make you smart as an investor. Even if in the past you might have felt overwhelmed or if you have made lots of wise decisions about your financial future, you will love the financial advisors at Advisor65.

Whether you want to know about IRAs and other retirement savings plans, we’ll give you the current information needed to make the best decisions about your future. Saving for your children’s college with ideas about different possibilities for that goal is our specialty. We’ll give you a great instruction about the basics of stocks, mutual funds, annuities and other fixed-income investments. We’ll help you with a portfolio that takes into consideration the size of your family, your age, your children’s age and income now and future income. We’ll help you re-balance and review now and in the future.

We’ll give you checklists so you can consider all possible scenarios for your estate and trust needs. We’ll also give you savings solutions that will work for your budget and your lifestyle. Do you want to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement or do you want to downsize and prepare for a more relaxed retirement? We will take into consideration all the possible situations that might occur in the near future and 20 years down the road.

We have the most current and comprehensive ideas about insurance, long-term insurance and disability insurance. The security of your heirs is always wise to consider because it’s an extension of your good planning for the money you’ve earned in your lifetime. We have the most up-to-date tax information and will develop a strategy that best suits your individual needs.

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